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5. Covid-19 infections falling across most of the UK (www.independent.co.uk) 18 minutes ago
7. What the No Surprises Act means for your medical bills (www.independent.co.uk) 18 minutes ago
9. Will Boris Johnson give a Covid announcement today? (www.independent.co.uk) 18 minutes ago
10. Emerging talents in spotlight at hybrid Paris Fashion Week (www.independent.co.uk) 18 minutes ago
12. Boris Johnson hit by defection of MP to Labour just before PMQs (www.independent.co.uk) 18 minutes ago
28. Man guilty of promoting ‘jihad by sword’ in mosque speech (www.independent.co.uk) 38 minutes ago
29. Boris Johnson hit by defection of MP to Labour just before PMQs (www.independent.co.uk) 38 minutes ago
31. Man guilty of promoting ‘jihad by sword’ in mosque speech (www.independent.co.uk) 58 minutes ago
33. UK's Johnson faces Parliament as ouster bid gathers steam (www.independent.co.uk) 58 minutes ago
34. Second man arrested in Ashling Murphy murder probe (www.independent.co.uk) 58 minutes ago
35. Greece boosts air force with advanced French jet fighters (www.independent.co.uk) 58 minutes ago
36. Edmunds: The hottest cars to look out for in 2022 (www.independent.co.uk) 58 minutes ago
38. Ecstatic Happy Valley fans react to first look at series 3 (www.independent.co.uk) 58 minutes ago
42. Christian Wakeford: Tory MP defects to Labour moments before PMQs (www.independent.co.uk) 58 minutes ago
44. Bulgarian president takes oath of office for second term (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
46. Impoverished Lebanese, Syrians struggle to survive cold (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
47. Is it better to wear an N95 or cloth mask right now? (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
50. Hungary opposition leader tests positive for COVID-19 (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
57. Love Island contestants warned over social media adverts (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
60. Man charged with stalking over teenager’s disappearance (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
62. WHO counts 18 million virus cases last week as omicron slows (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
63. Concern over meningitis B cases among students (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
68. Boris Johnson’s leadership crisis: key questions (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
69. Car traffic increases to 86% of pre-pandemic levels (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
73. What is Wordle? The new word game explained (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
75. Slovakia imposes COVID restrictions to get ready for omicron (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
82. Soaring inflation sparks pay rise calls from unions (www.independent.co.uk) 2 hours ago
83. Doctor goes on trial in Germany accused of torture in Syria (www.independent.co.uk) 2 hours ago
84. Indonesian militant gets 15 years in jail over Bali attacks (www.independent.co.uk) 2 hours ago
88. Restrictions may lift ‘widely and quickly’, says Eamon Ryan (www.independent.co.uk) 2 hours ago
89. Biden to give away 400 million N95 masks starting next week (www.independent.co.uk) 2 hours ago
90. Oil flow resumes at Iraq-Turkey pipeline following blast (www.independent.co.uk) 2 hours ago
91. Brighton promote David Weir to assistant technical director (www.independent.co.uk) 2 hours ago
99. London named Europe’s most popular destination for 2022 (www.independent.co.uk) 2 hours ago


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