4. Covid denier fined for filming in Gloucester hospital (www.theguardian.com) 10 minutes ago
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5. Dutch purchase of Rembrandt work criticised over tax haven link (www.theguardian.com) 10 minutes ago
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7. UK consumer prices rise at fastest pace in almost 30 years (www.independent.co.uk) 10 minutes ago
9. Plan B measures to be dropped across England, Johnson says (www.independent.co.uk) 10 minutes ago
11. Jewish leaders renew antisemitism fight after hostage case (www.independent.co.uk) 10 minutes ago
13. Covid deaths almost doubled in a week, data shows (www.independent.co.uk) 10 minutes ago
14. French actor Gaspard Ulliel hospitalized after ski accident (www.independent.co.uk) 10 minutes ago
20. William refuses to say whether he supports uncle Andrew (www.independent.co.uk) 10 minutes ago
22. British Airways cancels US flights over 5G safety fears (www.independent.co.uk) 30 minutes ago
23. Plan B measures to be dropped across England, Johnson says (www.independent.co.uk) 30 minutes ago
24. Review: Bride saved from a brutal husband in 'The Runaway' (www.independent.co.uk) 30 minutes ago
25. Dutch cultural sector protests pandemic lockdown measures (www.independent.co.uk) 30 minutes ago
33. What time is President Joe Biden’s press conference? (www.independent.co.uk) 30 minutes ago
37. Covid-19 infection levels fall in three of four UK nations (www.independent.co.uk) 30 minutes ago
42. France's Macron calls for EU plan to ease Russia tensions (www.independent.co.uk) 50 minutes ago
43. Omicron: Are we turning a corner? (www.independent.co.uk) 50 minutes ago
44. Free Government covid tests: How to order online (www.independent.co.uk) 50 minutes ago
45. Omicron wave led to 5% of teachers being absent, MSPs told (www.independent.co.uk) 50 minutes ago
46. When will Plan B be reviewed? Everything we know so far (www.independent.co.uk) 50 minutes ago
51. Resolutions for a generous and green new year in the garden (www.independent.co.uk) 50 minutes ago
62. Airlines cancel some US flights over 5G concerns (www.theguardian.com) 1 hour ago
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67. Covid-19 infections falling across most of the UK (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
69. What the No Surprises Act means for your medical bills (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
71. Will Boris Johnson give a Covid announcement today? (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
98. Second man arrested in Ashling Murphy murder probe (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
100. Edmunds: The hottest cars to look out for in 2022 (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago


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