9. Defense: 'Wrong person on trial' in death, beheading (www.independent.co.uk) 1 hour ago
18. Tory MP arrested on suspicion of rape (www.independent.co.uk) 3 hours ago
19. Wesley Morgan wins Colby award for 'The Hardest Place' (www.independent.co.uk) 3 hours ago
33. Tory MP arrested on suspicion of rape (www.independent.co.uk) 4 hours ago
39. Police officers confront Home Secretary over pay (www.independent.co.uk) 5 hours ago
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57. Dusty demise for NASA Mars lander in July; power dwindling (www.independent.co.uk) 14 minutes ago
58. Police name three-year-old boy killed in dog attack (www.independent.co.uk) 14 minutes ago
67. Officials hold secret hearing to discuss UFOs (www.independent.co.uk) 6 hours ago
72. EU greenhouse gases above pre-pandemic levels (www.independent.co.uk) 6 hours ago
80. US takes control of Afghan embassy, consulates in NY, CA (www.independent.co.uk) 6 hours ago
86. Murder conviction vacated for Vegas real estate mogul's wife (www.independent.co.uk) 34 minutes ago
88. House Jan. 6 panel unlikely to call Trump, chairman says (www.independent.co.uk) 34 minutes ago
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99. When was the Queen’s coronation? (www.independent.co.uk) 7 hours ago


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